Alveus hippocampi

Alveus hippocampi
hipokampo baltosios medžiagos plėvelė statusas T sritis gyvūnų anatomija, gyvūnų morfologija atitikmenys: lot. Alveus hippocampi ryšiai: platesnis terminasuodžiamųjų smegenų kraštinė dalis

Nomina anatomica, histologica et embryologica veterinaria / Lietuvos veterinarijos akademija. Anatomijos ir histologijos katedra. – Kaunas : Candela. . 1998.

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  • alveus hippocampi — [TA] alveus of hippocampus the thin layer of white matter that covers the ventricular surface of the hippocampus …   Medical dictionary

  • alveus — A channel or trough. [L. tray, trough, cavity, fr. alvus, belly] a. hippocampi [TA] SYN: a. of hippocampus. a. of hippocampus [TA] a thin white band of fornix fibers …   Medical dictionary

  • Alveus of the hippocampus — Infobox Brain Name = PAGENAME Latin = alveus hippocampi GraySubject = GrayPage = Caption = Inferior and posterior cornua, viewed from above. (Alveus not labeled, but fimbria hippocampus is identified at center right.) Caption2 = IsPartOf =… …   Wikipedia

  • alveus — n. a cavity, groove, or canal. The alveus hippocampi is the bundle of nerve fibres in the brain forming a depression in which the hippocampus lies …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • stratum lacunosum hippocampi — the fibrous layer situated between the stratum radiatum and the stratum moleculare of the hippocampus, consisting chiefly of a dense fiber layer in association with Schaffer collaterals, axons ascending from the alveus, and axons and collaterals… …   Medical dictionary

  • stratum oriens hippocampi — [TA] oriens layer of hippocampus: one of the layers of the hippocampus, lying between the alveus and the stratum pyramidalis; it is composed of neurons with ascending axons (basket cells), the ramifications of the basal dendrites of the pyramidal …   Medical dictionary

  • fimbria — 1. [TA] Any fringelike structure. SYN: fringe. 2. SYN: pilus (2). [L. fringe] f. hippocampi [TA] a narrow sharp edged crest of white fiber matter, continuous with the alveus hippocampi, attached to the medial border …   Medical dictionary

  • Subiculum — Das Subiculum ist ein Teil des Limbischen Systems, genauer des Hippocampus. Es verbindet den Hippocampus mit dem Gyrus parahippocampalis und man ist heute der Ansicht, dass es die letzte Instanz der Informationsverarbeitung des Hippocampus… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Fornix — In anatomy, a vaultlike or arched structure. Fornix is the Latin word for vault or arch. The fornix in the brain is a fibrous arching band connecting the two lobes of the cerebrum. The fornix of the conjunctivae refers to loose arching folds… …   Medical dictionary

  • Hirnventrikel — Lage der Hirnventrikel Ausguss des Ventrikelsystems Seitenansicht von rechts …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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